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For the Love of Love
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Welcome! You have (somehow) stumbled upon our little club here! You might as well stay a bit. . .right? PLEASE?!


Wondering what the club is about? Well, look no further. This club is for the fans of Fullmetal Alchemist who ship those non-cannon pairings that don't have much of a chance of really showing up in the actual television show or manga. So what do I mean? A club to celebrate the non-het pairings of Fullmetal Alchemist. Whether it be Yaoi (boyxboy), Yuri (girlxgirl) or whatever you think of, it just doesn't have anything to do with heterosexual pairings (boyxgirl)
Of course, even if you ship one of these het pairings, you can still join of course. Just don't expect any of it to show up here.
So, feel free to take a look around, and if you like what you see, by all means, join.

Wanna join?

1.] Send a NOTE to the club. Comments on the club page will most likely be ignored.
2.] In the note, make sure to mention your favorite non-het pairing from Fullmetal Alchemist. It can be Shoujo-Ai (girlxgirl) Shounen-Ai (boyxboy) or anything you can think of, as long as it's not het (heterosexual), other known as boyxgirl.
3.] Once you've been accepted, please place the club icon in either your journal or signature.
4.] Once you're accepted to the club, please participate in the club! We have to make sure it keeps going, remember!
5.] We list members under their favorite pairings. If you ever want to change your pairing, make sure to just ask. We'll move you ASAP. ^^


8.15.08 Club is opened.
8.19.08 First two members join.
Member list updated.
8.21.08 Another member joins
Member list updated.
8.26.08 First affiliate.…


1.] You must be a fan of at least one non-het Fullmetal Alchemist pairing.
2.] While you are a member you must have the club icon displayed on either your journal or the signature.
3.] No flaming, cybering, elementary not-appropriate-for-dA stuff.
4.] Non-Het pairing related submissions please!


If you are submitting for a contest, make sure to mention it somewhere in the note you send, or title the note Contest. If not, see below.

1.] Send a note that mentions somewhere that you would like to submit. . .whatever you're submitting.
2.] please keep to only three submissions per note.
3.] As long as it's not rated R and it has something to do with a Fullmetal Alchemist non-het pairing.
4.] Make sure to send links to your work and we'll submit them as soon as possible.


For reals?! Awesome! If you want to affiliate, make sure to just send a note!…

Creator, Staff & Members</u>…

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Club History
Club FAQ
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None yet.

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